Roll Call

This is a place to show case the many Horrible Dentist that prey on the citizens of the free world. I know , I know ; you may not care – until it happens TO YOU!

Who Are They?

YiLing Shiao Expert Dental P.C

This “Dentist” has won the honor of being our first Horrible Dentist nominee.

Congrats Yi-Ling , You Go Girl!

Though I will not detail all of her dishonorable behavior (we have to leave some surprises for the dental review board  )  I believe we can qualify her by following our guidelines.

In my case, I had moved to a major city from a small town. I had left my usual Dentist (whom I now know to be awesome in hindsight) with the understanding that I had a cavity or two that needed fillings. Sadly, as a post grad trying to find work in a new city, I didn’t know who to turn to when I found myself in need of a root canal.

So, I did the best “research” I could and went to a dentist with “4-5 star reviews”  everywhere I looked – Yelp. Dr.Oogle. Google..etc.  I now understand those reviews to be fake, and the dental services offered as advertised to be fraudulent ( I was told after she botched the job that the service I came in for was actually not even offered- though the office confirmed that it was over the phone).

I was left with an incomplete root canal, dental “fillings” in which she carved and hollowed out the inside of the tooth (i don’t even believe she took xrays) and left my mouth looking and feeling like mountains and valleys!!  Like a sneak, she did not do one cavity at a time but rather ran the drill over all of them , I felt this as I was about to flee for my life but noticed there were holes in my teeth and I could not go.

Fake Reviews?

If I showed you all of the fake reviews that I found we would be here all day , sadly. But here is a tid bit showcasing the deception.

To learn more about how to spot fake reviews check out my Fake It Till You Make it Page

A yelp reviewer, one Wilson L,  gave a very pleasant and detailed account of his visit ; before he was shunned  to the filtered section.

Went in for a cleaning and to get a couple of cavities filled. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and helpful from the second I walked in the door. I always felt at ease, the place is clean, and I was treated very well. She addressed my concern by describing a number of options to treat my  front tooth. They are very good at explaining exactly how the procedure is going to go, and then executing it perfectly with minimal discomfort/pain. A friendly dental office that has always put me at rest by providing more information than other dentists would! I’ve recommended this office to others

A Google search using the first sentence confirmed my suspicions. Wilson L must have been busy, or loves dentists. So much so that he, or someone who is finely a tuned to his thoughts,  copied and pasted his review for another dentist.

This is what I found:

Dr. Lim, Are you using the same management company as Yi-Ling? Hot mess Boo.

Yi-Ling Shiao’s patients are so talented that they also can time travel.

Here is a review by one Kevin who states that he has been going to expert dental for 30 years – with no complaints:

This wouldn’t be bizarre if Expert Dental hadn’t been around only for about 7 years ! and if Yi-Ling was a practicing Dentist out of the womb….


7 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. pete windfello says:

    Nobody will take the time to post there dentist did good job as you paid him to do. Not in todays world anyway.
    Maybe some “5 star” reviews are real 1% at most.

  2. Pat says:

    Wow… get a life… So you had a bad experience… move on! Life is tough, shit happens! But it doesnt mean that you have to make a website and ruin this young dr’s career. I am sure you are so perfect that you never make any mistakes, All I got to say to you is karma will bite you in the ass so hard.

    • I think I speak for dental victims everywhere when I say, the quicker our mouths stop hurting the easier it will be to “move on”. You’re need to rush to the defense of this “doctor” who has jeopardized the health of numerous people is telling. I can only conclude you yourself are a “doctor” or anyone else who believes that money/career/status allows you the right to do whatever you want to people and that they should just “move on”. Either way, it’s ironic. Shit does happen. Sometimes the dentist ruins your mouth and refuses to acknowledge wrongdoing/fix it – and sometimes you get a website made about you to warn the public. This IS Karma.

      Thanks for your comment. Please remember to check in as we expose other horrible dentist!

  3. pete says:

    Wow, must have hit a nerve.
    You better defend your fellow dentist or he or she is going to turn you in to the dental board.Your tactics are turning against you.Lawyers are now seeking Dental malpractice victims Thats Karma for ya.
    Why is the news always reporting on dentist? if your not throwing trash in the water,selling pain med,feeling up patient,hiding mistakes and the list goes on. There would be no need for websites like this.
    Its always a dentist who make the news. Would that be Karma??
    My advice to you is
    Shut your mouth and clean up your trade.If you dont The lawyers will.

  4. Kim Henry says:

    Why are you too cowardly to put my word-for-word reply? Afraid the truth will threaten your personal vendetta?

  5. Kim Henry says:

    Sorry, I see my word-for-word reply is on another page. I take back the previous post. I said I would testify against any colleague FREE OF CHARGE. You just have trouble believing that there are honest people in the health care professions, don’t you.

    The other day I warned a patient to avoid treatment at a certain clinic with over 800 complaints at Did she listen? No. She was Hell-bent on betting the “good deal” featured so prominently in advertisements. Another sheep going straight to be fleeced!

    • I have added you to the newly created “Good Guys” tab. If you want it removed you can respond in line or message me. Of course, THAT would be cowardly – but every man has the right to back out of the ring if he chooses :).

      thanks for engaging and I hope your business continues to thrive.

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