Unlicensed dentist claims 6,000 patients : Builds Mansion



According to arrest records, Ubaldo Bittencourt is a Brazilian resident, and does not have medical license to practice dentistry in Florida. 
In 6 years of practice, Bittencourt reportedly has 6,000 patients.  
Deputies say, he’s working on them in a laundry room, with what appears to be un-sterilized equipment..

Apparently he was using unsterilized equipment! These horrible dentist don’t think the rules apply to them no matter where they are. Country to Country. From sea to shining sea. Oh , fun fact, he was using his illegal moneys to build a mansion in Brazil…isn’t that nice?

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Dentist Reeks Havoc! Removes all of this Guy’s Teeth






INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The family of a 21-year-old claims their loved one spent the last two days in the hospital.

Christopher Crist has been fighting an infection allegedly at the hands of an Indy dentist. That dentist still refuses to tell his side of the story.

Crist doesn’t have any teeth now.

“They pulled every last one of them,” said Crist.

Crist said his dentist took out 29 teeth that he did not want pulled while he was sedated.

“I am going to look like a freak now,” said Crist. “Honest to God.”



Yikes! We wish him the best of like. These dental butchers are DANGEROUS. Please take care of yourself out there.


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LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist



Country star LeAnn Rimes is currently suing her dentist citing poor dental work as a major problem in her personal life and career. 

In the suit, filed Feb. 14, Rimes alleges “negligent” treatment from her dentist, as she developed “severe tooth pain, gum inflammation and chronic gum bleeding” as a result of faulty crown placement.


In October, the singer was forced to cancel tour dates to undergo dental surgery.



This is a bold move by a celebrity to publicly admonish a dentist. I wonder why this dentist didn’t settle out of court before having  litigation brought against him from a celebrity? Oh that’s right, because horrible dentist would spend 100,000 to their lawyers instead of paying their victim just compensation to fix their work. Absolutely monstrous. 

Please realize, that one of the manipulations used by horrible dentists; citing how work aesthetically looks. Unfortunately, having something ‘look’ right and having the work be correct is two different things. If you go to a dentist citing pain, and they follow that up with how it “looks” without addressing your concerns – then you’re probably dealing with a horrible dentist. 

Though we are in no position or place to discuss or offer our musings on her personal life, which is what many commentators choose to hone in on, we salute her for standing up for herself and her dental health in the face of adversity. 


It’s not me, It’s YOU!


From researching and personal experience, it’s apparent that enablers are capable of Jedi like mind melds. Virtual wizards of manipulation. If you find yourself in a dental office bringing up valid concerns about work and they essentially say “well you put yourself in this position by not having perfect teeth in the first place” – know that they are deflecting blame in an effort to make you feel as though your victimization is deserved.

As we may all know, there’s an unfounded shame that accompanies the need for dental guidance.Well You wouldn’t feel ashamed if you needed to see a doctor would you? If people didn’t need medical attention with their teeth there would be no reason for them to be a dentist! Am I right, or am I right?

Taking blame off of a colleague and putting it onto the patient is the sign of an Horrible Dentist Enabler. If you encounter this – leave! But as a reader stated- make sure you ask him outright if the work is done well. If you believe (s)he is an enabler, take out a piece of paper IN FRONT of them and make your own notes. Read it back to them before you leave:

“So you say that this work is done well. No problems. The occlusion/crown/surgery etc is performed just as you would???”

Then tell them that you will be requesting his version of medical notes “for your records”. This will let them know that 1) the records will not be able to be revised or convenient details omitted and
2) you are serious. Perhaps that will at least not charge you for the visit in which they did nothing.

They are as slippery as gulf coasted eels these people. Like poor David, it’s enough to leaving one in fits of rage or questioning if this is indeed real life

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Most of us as ordinary folks honor those who have gone through rigorous study, finance, and mental and physical training in order to serve the general populace.

Few, if any, of these occupations are as highly respected as the Health Care Professional. We go to them not only relying on their expertise, but also their oath to ethically provide care and treatment.  However, it’s become increasingly obvious that gone are the days of someone wanting to be a Dr to “help someone” and instead it’s seen as a good profession that can line the pockets at our expense. The cesspool of treachery, collusion, and negligence that the Dental profession has embraced as the rule of law,  is enough to make your head spin on its neck straight exorcism style.

Through my research there is a strong implication that we “civilians”, who have been chewed up and spit out – no pun intended –  by the Dentist we turned to for help,  are increasingly left traumatized and voiceless.

So, whether you are a  victim of an extremely complicated transgression, or your occlusion has been damaged due to what should have been an easy dental filling/procedure: Let me know!  Together, We will warn the general public, 1 horrible dentist at a time. :-)

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