Good Guys



This page WAS  reserved for enablers who abided by the “Code of Silence” detailed in the later page.

But, to make things more fair, and easier for malpractice victims seeking relief, this page will instead list Dentist who have confirmed that they will not only see malpractice victims and give them an honest opinion. They will testify for a colleague if  need be – Free of Charge. If you go to one of these dentist with this expectation let us know how it turns out!


kim henry dmd dentist hapeville ga

Kim Henry D.M.D

Removed for being a racist. He is bold enough to be honest, but obviously has some problems regarding people on welfare and bringing president Obama into the dialogue for no reason.


4 thoughts on “Good Guys

  1. Kim Henry says:

    Don’t think my attitude is “Dentists are always right.” The truth is, in MY neck of the woods, I see egregious maltreatment very rarely, and it is almost always from corporate-owned clinics, which our profession is trying to shut down.

    Without a doubt, the WORST treatment I see is done by foreign dentists. However, after visiting many dental offices in third world countries, it is clear the problem is not incompetence, but inability to afford basic equipment like x-ray machines.

    Treatment sometimes turns out unexpectedly. I might use college graduation photos to make a patient a new denture, simulating the tooth position he had 40 years previous. But despite meticulous attention to detail, the patient may not be able to tolerate the exact tooth position he had 40 years ago, and I may have to remake the whole denture! Dentistry is a mixture of science, art, and a certain percentage of just educated guessing!

    Patients should be careful before voicing accusations of malpractice and mistreatment. The human immune system is unpredictable to a great extent. I can do identical root canals on 10 different patients. 3 will say they felt nothing the day after, 5 will say they were sore for a couple of days, and 2 will claim they were devastated and missed work the rest of the week. Human immune responses and bacterial virulence are just that variable. Yet despite reassurances, the last two root canal patients will think, “the dentist must have done something wrong, and I need to file a complaint of malpractice.”

    Life is full of surprises. Even after working on humans 37 years, I still encounter strange biological responses to treatment that are unexplained. Working on human beings is completely unlike working on auto engines, which I also have done. No two humans are built the same, even identical twins!

  2. claims rep says:

    Mr Henry,
    You know dam well your Insurance provider Dictates that you are to Not Take Any Part in any action against others (Dr’s) or advise/disclose to any victim of such.
    You should read your “Risk Management” packet again.
    To say you can treat Malpractice Victims would clearly place you in Breach of such protocol.
    You need to understand. You Do Not Make The Rules my Friend.You may project your arrogants among those you treat. But make no mistake about it, your arrogants will not tolerated by those Superior to you. I.E.(Malpractice Carrier)
    To not respect these protocols places you serous risk of concerning your Vail of Protection.
    These protocols have been refined over may years to reflect a High Profit on year ending doc’s.You or the people you treat have No personnel connection to carrier.A number and prem check is all you are. That all that matters.
    I would adive you to Shut Your Mouth
    Please address any disagreements or concerns to your carrier ASAP.
    Your misunderstanding of protocol is a court action in the making as well a
    Nightmare to any claims rep.


    • Wow! Thank you so much for your honesty and information regarding the “Vail of Protection”. The general public has NO IDEA how easy and often dental malpractice victims occur with no ways to remedy their situation. Every person you go to pretends that nothing is wrong.

      Now we know why.

    • Kim Henry says:

      Am I supposed to believe someone who cannot spell a simple word like “arrogance?”

      I will read my malpractice policy. Funny thing, I have attended two malpractice claims prevention seminars by carriers and this taboo was never mentioned. I will also put this subject up on the DentalTown forum for discussion.

      There are a lot of malpractice liability policies out there. Mine is by Cincinnati. How do you know such a clause is in every one? Since you are the expert, kindly post the verbage of any supposed clause in any policy you know of. Why don’t you start with CNA, since they are so popular.

      If what you say is true, and I really doubt that it is, your grievance should be with insurance carriers instead of dentists. Is that not correct?

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