Conspiracy of Silence

Once your mouth has been raped and pillaged, you set out into a world of dentist who refuses to diagnose the problems or help. Like a injured lamb to the wolves…

The Dental Practice Marketing and Management Blog by Jim Du Molin,  “a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists” in North America features a disturbing look into the dental profession from 2007, its well written in manipulative Hegelian  dialect.

Survey: Dentists Don’t Bad-Mouth Colleagues

The survey results overwhelmingly show that dentists will refuse to criticize another dentist even when a patient comes to them with questionable quality work. The article sneakily refers to this as “professional ethics and common courtesy”. . .

“The clear majority of dentists avoid criticizing the work of other dentists. Professional courtesy seems to override other concerns….

69% of our respondents said, “You keep your mouth shut out of respect to your dental colleagues. You don’t know the whole story, and it’s not ethical to bash another doctor’s work.”

  • 31% said, “Your primary obligation is to your patient. If their previous dental work was bad, they deserve to know, and it’s your job to tell them.”






How absolutely shameful!  You know what this means?

When an actual Dentists is presented with choice

A)Keep your mouth Shut  or

B) Your obligation is to your patient


They overwhelmingly decided to kick our a** to the curb!



If you have ran into these horrible dentist enablers please let me know your story , be as detailed as possible.


7 thoughts on “Conspiracy of Silence

  1. pete windfello says:

    There is GOOD SIDE to this tactic. If a dentist were to fail to treat you or repair others mistake He will be paying as well. There are some ways to prove this fact.
    Never ever lie about who treated you,what he or she did, who you have seen in the pasted about your problem.Go see as many dentist as you can. You want to fill the court room with dentist who did nothing to help you and said THEY SEE NOTHING.
    Keep all your records,xrays,take photos and keep notes. it is best to tape your visit .The judge will listen to tapes but may not let a jury hear them, In most cases a jury will not be needed. In short you have a whole box full off fish waiting for cooking. every dentist in that court room will pay
    To kill a rat you have to think like one. SAY NOTHING ABOUT TAPES unless your asked and if so there for your record.Always take someone with you to appointment and into room with dentist.
    You want him to lie and act dumb.You want him to do all the talking. Ask him as much as you can. Ask him if he is being up front with you. If you are really lucky he will ask you to go back to the dentist who caused the problem.Before you leave the office MAKE SURE YOU GET HIM TO COPY HIS NOTES FOR YOUR VISIT as well as COPY OF X-RAYS. Do not leave without them.wait all day if you have to, after you get notes tell him you will send him a copy of tape.SAY NOTHING ABOUT TAPE UNTIL YOU GET NOTES and only if you want to. I would keep it to myself if you want to fill the box with fish.Dentist track problems and report to insurance co when one comes up. Any dentist can get your info from health insurance co as well as they report to beware of you if you show up.
    I know it is hard to get past the pain and you want to get better.But this is the game and you need to play “hardball” to make it work out for you.

  2. Thank you Pete. That’s an excellent idea for me AND for readers.
    I will use this tactic for future visits.

  3. Kim Henry says:

    One thing I learned the hard way after graduating from dental school in 1980 was not to criticize colleagues until I knew the facts. The facts of treatment are many times what they first appear. Why? Because patients so often lie about previous treatment.

    Why do they lie?

    1. To cover up their irresponsibility for not keeping appointments.
    2. To cover up not paying their bills.

    Two very common examples I see over and over again:

    EXAMPLE #1

    Patient comes with bad infection from tooth and says: “I paid a dentist to do a root canal and he said it was finished.”
    What I find: Root canal was started, and not finished.
    The truth: Patient had root canal started, and broke several appointments to have it finished. He figured if the tooth was not hurting, everything was OK. After breaking so many appointments, the original dentist demanded broken appointment fees, so patient went to another dentist.

    EXAMPLE #2

    Patient comes in with a cracked, deteriorating temporary crown in front. Patient says: “I paid the dentist a lot of money several months ago to do this crown. It is already broken! That dentist is a crook.”
    What I find: Cracked temporary crown that has been on a year or longer.
    The truth: Patient needed a crown. Dentist started one, and patient gave a small down payment. Patient was told of the need to pay the rest by the time the permanent crown was put on. Patient never saved the money, and did not worry about it, since he was totally satisfied with the looks of the temporary crown- until it cracks and comes off.

    I could go on and on. Patients seldom tell the whole truth, as it would make them look stupid or irresponsible. Instead, they try to make their dentist look bad.

    Patients are their own worst enemies. Instead of going to reputable dentists, they try to save money going to sleazy corporate chain clinics, and get ripped off. They go to foreign dentists to get treatment cheap, then return and have to spend thousand to get the lousy treatment redone stateside. They buy worthless dental plans advertised on the radio, with reimbursement so low that only the crumbiest dentists want to be involved with treating them.

    That being said, there are a few cases of incompetent dental work. Once I get the facts, I urge the patient to return and seek correction or compensation, and go to the State Board of Dentistry if they are not satisfied.

    Kim Henry, D.M.D.

  4. Kim Henry says:

    Maybe you live in New York, where there are three dentists on every street corner, many graduates of a very mediocre New York dental school.

    Fact is, I don’t see very much horrible dentistry. By far and away the horrible dentistry I see is from my immigrant patients who had it done in their home countries- most notably Mexico.

    Occasionally I see deficient treatment. The other day a patient changed from a PPO union clinic to my office. He was complaining about food getting stuck between two teeth. I noticed a new resin filling with too light a contact, something that happens quite frequently when patients want big resin fillings in back teeth, which is seldom a good idea. (Guess who pressures us into putting plastic fillings in back teeth? Patients!)

    I simply told the patient to return to his old clinic and request the filling be redone, preferably in gold or silver amalgam. Either that or request a refund so I can do the filling over. Doubtless the dentist will comply, as no one wants to prepare for a State Board of Dentistry inquiry.

    As for horribly inadequate dental care, I just don’t see much of it in Atlanta, unless it is in the mouths of immigrants.

  5. Mr. Henry – Thanks for your comments. I will be sure to let the community know that you will see malpractice victims FREE OF CHARGE if indeed there is nothing that can be done for them.

  6. kimhenrydmd says:

    What do you want? I said I helped a patient win a court case against a dentist who clearly overtreated her. I made photos and annotated them for her use in court. For this, I was not rewarded by any business. Haven’t seen her in about 3 years. Guess like most of the rest of patients, she scrutinized her PPO list to see where she could save a nickel or two, and will end up getting screwed again.

    You want me to run a totally pro-bono practice doing patients who think they have been harmed for free? Why? Didn’t I mention that there have been Peer Review Boards available for FREE for years in most states that investigate patient complaints of mistreatment?

    • Hahaha- are you re-nigging on your word?? The one you wrote in BLACK and WHITE.

      I know to you patients who “think” they’ve been harmed and the ones that have “actually” been harmed are two different things. Help the ones that actually have been harmed. That’s what you said you would do and since you “don’t see many cases” should be nothing to worry about.

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