Georgia Dentist Maims Nerves- Loses Case as Old Professor Testifies

M James Fagan

Dentist M. James Fagan III, operating out of Atlanta Ga, will have $875,000 less to go towards that new beach house.

from the daily report online : After severing the lingual nerve of then 28 year old Kerry Stolte during the removal of her wisdom teeth, Stolte was left with severe life long pain and mounting bills from oral surgeries that only escalated the problems. After losing her job as an insurance underwriter because she couldn’t talk for more than 2 hours, the case looked to be going either way as the sneak-thief Fagan camp tried to enter a video of Stolte doing yard work as evidence that she wasn’t that hurt.

You know, because the ability to do yard work with your hands and feet are totally relative to the impossibility of oral pain..

In what was described as true “Perry Mason” fashion, the case was blown wide open when Fagan’s old professor was brought in to testify that he never taught him that method of extraction, as Fagan claimed. Leaving potty mouthed Fagan cursing and shaking in his shoes..

“When I announced Dr. Joy, all heck broke loose at defendants’ table,” Lamar (Stolte’s lawyer) continued…”Dr. Fagan shouted an obscenity at me from defendants’ table.”

With all the money Fagan has spent on defending himself he could have just used that to right his wrongs. Horrible Dentist never learn.

We congratulate Kerry Stolte for her personal victory and wish her the best of luck and health in her recovery.

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One thought on “Georgia Dentist Maims Nerves- Loses Case as Old Professor Testifies

  1. Agda says:

    Dr. Fagan should have lost his license. Not only did he ruined Kerry’s nerve and she is in constant pain from it, he lied about not having any complications during the procedure, then went on to lie that he had learned the technique in school. How many more patients is he going to deceive and hurt?
    Only a sick person would follow a patient to her home and video tape her pulling weeds out of the yard and claim that she has a normal life because she can do “yard work”. Great, she can pull weeds, but she can’t enjoy a piece of steak or a normal pain free day with her family! What a jerk.

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