Death Threats recieved from Doctors!!


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Over the past 2 years we have been receiving harassing comments from the IP address of Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, Ny. We thought it odd since we have not done any pieces on this particular establishment- but I suppose there’s no rationalizing crazy folks.

While initially annoying, these harassing comments have escalated to outright death threats and bizarre racial slurs. Can you imagine logging on to your work computer only to make death threats to the writers of a random blog?!? Ok- now imagine YOU’RE A FUCKING DOCTOR, threatening to kill people, on your work computer, while you should be seeing patients!! Mind boggling.

We understand that these C- students never expected to be working in the slums of Brooklyn at a 1.5 star rated roach motel, under the crushing debt of student loans, But that’s no reason to go off the deep end.

Never to be outdone, we will be meeting with CIO of Interfaith Medical Mike Piro (email Mike, let him know we dont need any crazed doctors: and the Human Resources staff to discuss how they can keep their psychotic employees from abusing their Network. Remember, cyber harassment is a criminal offense and lawsuit worthy.

As for the “doctor”? They can always get a job with the NYPD.




2 thoughts on “Death Threats recieved from Doctors!!

  1. Dr. says:

    Hi, you win. I sincerely apologize for my inappropriate and rude comments. I know that I am completely wrong. I urge you cancel your meeting with the CIO. I will promise to leave you alone. I wasn’t serious about anything. I wrote it to merely scare you. But the opposite happened and I learned my lesson. You can keep going with your website. I am a prime example of doing stupid things and I admit it. Please accept my apology and do not pursue any further action. I really did not intend any harm. I am sorry if feelings were hurt as a result from my offensive statements. Believe me, I will not go anywhere near this website again. Thank you so much.

    • Interesting. And just in the nic of time. If you’re serious about ceasing action, the ball has begun rolling, but we can further discuss to stop it. You can send me an email (through one of your little alias e addresses) to :

      Other wise, good luck. Either way, thanks for your sincere apology. We continue to look forward to warning the general public about dental malpractice sans death threats and ethnic slurs from doctors.

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