Tip: Protest a Dentist – It’s your Right

Gentle Dental SUCKS

Feeling exhausted with the old rigmarole of trying to get some relief and acknowledgement from your dental malpractice fiasco?

Well don’t just sit there! Grab some markers and some paper…maybe a little glitter…and make a picket sign!

The reason HorribleDentists are allowed to thrive is because of unsuspecting visitors. Let’s be honest – if you were already nervous about a dental procedure and when you arrived at the office there was someone protesting it? Would you take your chances? Probably Not.

Hit em’ where it hurts: the pockets. Protesting is your right. Be sure you check your state regulations. In general, if you will NOT be marching or using a megaphone you will NOT need a permit.

Also, you will need permission to protest on private property. But sidewalks are a free for all. Happy Protesting and be sure to send in Pics!

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One thought on “Tip: Protest a Dentist – It’s your Right

  1. kimhenrydmd says:

    Well, there you have it, in plain view. The REAL problem in our profession. Corporations owned by private equity investors utilize licensed dentists who merely “front” as fake owners for the corporation’s clinics. This is all because it is illegal in most states for persons not holding a state dental license to own a dental practice.

    The names are too numerous to list, but the name of the worst corporate offender starts with an “A.”

    The fake owner dentist seldom or never practices in the clinic. The corporation hires young grads, mostly fresh out of school, that have serious student debt. Then it puts the gun to their heads to bill maximum revenues. If they don’t they are fired and replaced in quick order.

    The boards are powerless to stop these clinics. Their worst remedy is revoking dental licenses, and the investor-owners are not dentists. So occasionally a dentist-employee or fake owner dentist is thrown under the bus by the corp, and loses their license. No problem, the corp can get 10 more recent grads where they came from!

    See my essay about the subject “Corporate Dentistry- The New Oral Cancer” at http://www.KimHenryDental.wordpress.com

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