LeAnn Rimes Sues Dentist



Country star LeAnn Rimes is currently suing her dentist citing poor dental work as a major problem in her personal life and career. 

In the suit, filed Feb. 14, Rimes alleges “negligent” treatment from her dentist, as she developed “severe tooth pain, gum inflammation and chronic gum bleeding” as a result of faulty crown placement.


In October, the singer was forced to cancel tour dates to undergo dental surgery.



This is a bold move by a celebrity to publicly admonish a dentist. I wonder why this dentist didn’t settle out of court before having  litigation brought against him from a celebrity? Oh that’s right, because horrible dentist would spend 100,000 to their lawyers instead of paying their victim just compensation to fix their work. Absolutely monstrous. 

Please realize, that one of the manipulations used by horrible dentists; citing how work aesthetically looks. Unfortunately, having something ‘look’ right and having the work be correct is two different things. If you go to a dentist citing pain, and they follow that up with how it “looks” without addressing your concerns – then you’re probably dealing with a horrible dentist. 

Though we are in no position or place to discuss or offer our musings on her personal life, which is what many commentators choose to hone in on, we salute her for standing up for herself and her dental health in the face of adversity. 



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