It’s not me, It’s YOU!


From researching and personal experience, it’s apparent that enablers are capable of Jedi like mind melds. Virtual wizards of manipulation. If you find yourself in a dental office bringing up valid concerns about work and they essentially say “well you put yourself in this position by not having perfect teeth in the first place” – know that they are deflecting blame in an effort to make you feel as though your victimization is deserved.

As we may all know, there’s an unfounded shame that accompanies the need for dental guidance.Well You wouldn’t feel ashamed if you needed to see a doctor would you? If people didn’t need medical attention with their teeth there would be no reason for them to be a dentist! Am I right, or am I right?

Taking blame off of a colleague and putting it onto the patient is the sign of an Horrible Dentist Enabler. If you encounter this – leave! But as a reader stated- make sure you ask him outright if the work is done well. If you believe (s)he is an enabler, take out a piece of paper IN FRONT of them and make your own notes. Read it back to them before you leave:

“So you say that this work is done well. No problems. The occlusion/crown/surgery etc is performed just as you would???”

Then tell them that you will be requesting his version of medical notes “for your records”. This will let them know that 1) the records will not be able to be revised or convenient details omitted and
2) you are serious. Perhaps that will at least not charge you for the visit in which they did nothing.

They are as slippery as gulf coasted eels these people. Like poor David, it’s enough to leaving one in fits of rage or questioning if this is indeed real life

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