Most of us as ordinary folks honor those who have gone through rigorous study, finance, and mental and physical training in order to serve the general populace.

Few, if any, of these occupations are as highly respected as the Health Care Professional. We go to them not only relying on their expertise, but also their oath to ethically provide care and treatment.  However, it’s become increasingly obvious that gone are the days of someone wanting to be a Dr to “help someone” and instead it’s seen as a good profession that can line the pockets at our expense. The cesspool of treachery, collusion, and negligence that the Dental profession has embraced as the rule of law,  is enough to make your head spin on its neck straight exorcism style.

Through my research there is a strong implication that we “civilians”, who have been chewed up and spit out – no pun intended –  by the Dentist we turned to for help,  are increasingly left traumatized and voiceless.

So, whether you are a  victim of an extremely complicated transgression, or your occlusion has been damaged due to what should have been an easy dental filling/procedure: Let me know!  Together, We will warn the general public, 1 horrible dentist at a time. :-)

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  1. I have been fighting to find some way to end this unexpected attack on myself for almost a year, and I must say, it almost makes me break down and cry just to read your thoughts on this blog. I have had an experience with a new dentist that could easily play out with one of those ” SAW” movies, the slice and dice evil kind.

    Given no choices, confused into thinking I had to trust this “doctor” I was informed that my teeth were all going to have to be pulled. Promised that if I followed his directions, I would be given a new start and have THE MOST beautiful smile, instantly.

    Wanted a second opinion, an oral surgeon , tried to let him know about my medical history, all for no good . .

    This team was good. I don’t usually get taken at the used car lot. But this group had me . Before I could blink they had me signed up for that treatment plan and getting ready to have my MIRACLE they promised me.

    This doctor is in the business of extractions. 22 teeth in 1.5 hours , gave me huge amounts of opiates mixed with Adivan to make up for the lack of nitrous oxide. I felt very scared , I know it is possible to OD with less. No lifesaving equipment that I could see. There is more but enough said.

    I have recordings with this dentist screaming at the top of his lungs at my 87 yo father and myself , when I finally told him I had never been allowed to finish a sentence in the office. I was having such bad problems with this treatment and the horrible dentures that had never fit. He was talking over the top of me from sentence two, mocking me and accusing me of lying. he asked me what I wanted him to do.

    Give me my teeth back. Get a dentist that knows what they are doing to step in and fix this problem . You promised that I would get excellent care and have implants successfully put in. This could never happen with this office. I just met a 78 yo woman who has had several botched surgeries from you. When I asked you about it, you told me that you had to pull everybody’s rotten old teeth.

    I wish someone could help me.

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